PARLIAMENT Reporters’ Association, or PRA, was founded on April 29, 1964 by late Sait Arif TERZİOĞLU from daily Cumhuriyet, Behiç EKŞİ from Anadolu News Agency, late Muzaffer YILBAR from daily Yeni İstanbul, Orhan TOKATLI from daily Milliyet, Abdullah URAZ from daily Son Havadis, late Müfit DURU from Yarın Magazine, Muammer TAYLAK from Yankı Magazine and late Şemsi KUSEYRİ from daily Tercüman.

The objective of establishing the PRA was to make Parliament Reportage

The ambition of establishing PRA was making Parliament reportage an area of specialization in journalism by bringing together the reporters covering Turkish Parliament. To reach that objective, the PRA organizes programs for journalists working in Parliament bureaus that protect and raise the honor journalism.

The PRA tries to offer opportunities for its members to help them improve their skills.

The PRA, in the framework of its establishment aims and principles, takes into consideration the honor principle and togetherness of its members.

The PRA, after 45 years, is still continuing its work with the belief that being a Parliament Correspondent is one of the most significant steps of journalism. Another aim of PRA is to raise awareness among its members and make journalism their career. In that sense, the PRA, is exerting efforts to raise quality, enhance working standards and create opportunities for freedom to access news.

In Turkey, being Parliament Correspondent needs specialization. Journalists holding press cards can be a parliament correspondent or photo-reporter, but having a press card requires obligations.  According to TGNA Press Regulations, a journalist should be holding a press card at least for 5 years in order to report in Parliament.

The PRA sets a balance between reaching news / commitment to ethical values and continuation of programs in Parliament in a coordinated fashion. The number of our association’s members exceeds 800 including retired journalists. The PRA office is based in Ankara.

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